Simple Ways to Calculate Mix Parlay on Judi Bola Online Sites

Judi Bola Online – Back again with the admin, who this time will provide a simple way of calculating bets on mix parlay on Judi Bola Online sites. Of course, this type of bet is very rarely found in landlords, even though this type of bet is one of the favorite types of bets for soccer bettors in any part of the world.

Why? Because with a small capital, you can get millions or even tens of millions with this mixparlay type bet. For a minimum of teams in mixparlay Judi Bola, namely 3 teams, there are even Judi Bola sites that provide a minimum of 2 teams to be placed on one betting bill. Now for those of you who are still confused about the mix parlay calculation, just look at the simple mixparlay calculation below.

Simple Ways to Calculate Mix Parlay on Judi Bola Online Sites

The method of calculating the mix parlay is simply multiplied and even then, if you win in full, of course there are those who draw and some even lose half. For all types of bets in the mixparlay, the selected team will be multiplied by one and the total multiplied by how many bets you have placed.

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For example, if you place a bet worth 100 thousand on 3 teams with odds of 1.95, 1.60, and 3.60 you win in full, then the calculation is as follows:

(1.95 x 1.60 x 3.60) x 100 thousand = IDR 1,123,200 rupiah. The real money value you get is included with your capital, if you want to measure your winnings, you just need to subtract 1 from the total multiplication of the odds value before playing with the bet amount.

If there is a bet that is a draw or a draw, then the odds do not need to be included in the existing multiplication bet. If someone wins halfway, the calculation is very easy, the odds value of the selected team is divided by 2 then multiplied by the winning odds. But the calculations for losing were half different again.

In the calculation of the losing team, half the odds will not be calculated for the winning result. In the sense that only the team odds value wins and is multiplied by your bet, after that it is divided by 2 to calculate the total odds in your winning bet.

How? Simple is not a way to calculate mix parlay wins on Judi Bola Online site games. If you want to double your profits in soccer betting bets, the admin recommends that you include a single bet for the mix parlay team.

Guaranteed the benefits you will get are multiplied, Mixparlay wins even single bet wins, wow isn’t it.
So many admin reviews for the mix parlay calculation, hopefully it can help you in distributing soccer bets on Judi Bola Online sites.