Guide to Playing Capsa Susun at the IDN Poker Agent

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One of the games that may be familiar is Capsa Susun which is very popular and has been played by many people, where you can find these online gambling games on the Android platform, especially from Playstore. But it is very unfortunate if you play Capsa Susun from the application from the Playstore because there are no challenges or using fake chips.

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Guide to Playing Capsa Susun at the IDN Poker Agent

But of course before you want to try to play Capsa Susun at the IDN Poker Agent you also have to prepare a lot of things, one of which is to understand the Play Guide, because if you jump right in and try to play it will be difficult to get a win. That is why it is highly recommended to know the Play Guide to get ready before you try to play Capsa Susun.

Maybe you already have previous experience playing with friends and hanging out, but if you play at the IDN Poker Agent, the atmosphere will be very different, where you use real money bets as a betting tool. So deepening the Play Guide is the main thing that must be learned to get wins easily.

Because we guarantee that if you already know the Play Guide, it will be even easier to play Capsa Susun at the IDN Poker Agent, and can also generate big wins in a fast time. Moreover, with the first time you try it, it can be a matter of pride to be able to make a lot of money by trying the games you have played.

That’s why we are happy to briefly explain the Guide to Playing Capsa Susun at the IDN Poker Agent for you, don’t miss some of the instructions that we will explain below. Here’s the explanation:

Capsa Susun is a game that uses a single deck of poker cards containing 52 cards as a game tool.
The game can only be filled by 4 players at most, but if there are only 2 players the game can be started.
At the beginning of the game each player will get 13 cards each, which will be arranged in 3 levels.
At the bottom level must be filled with 5 cards with the best or best card arrangement.
In the middle level, you must also fill in 5 cards, but it must be a good card, but the value must be smaller than the lower level.
At the top level, it must be filled with 3 cards, which usually contain the remaining cards if the lower and middle levels get a good card combination. But sometimes at certain moments at the top level it can be filled with a “Pair” card.
The combination of cards used in the Capsa Susun game is of the least value, namely “High Card”, “Pair”, “Two Pair”, “Three Of Kind”, “Straight”, “Flush”, “Full House”, ” Four Of Kind “,” Straight Flush “, and” Royal Flush “.
In the Capsa Susun game, the colors or images on the cards are also very decisive as the highest ones are “Spades”, “Hearts”, “Curly”, “Wajik / Tempe”. The color of the card determines when the player gets a “Flush” or “High Card”.
If there is a player who puts the wrong card in the set, then usually that player is considered to have lost before doing the “Showdown”.
The player is declared to win if the 3 levels that have been arranged can win at least 2 levels from the other player’s card.
Or if there are players who get a special card then it is usually considered the winner or gets a bonus prize.